Hello world!


If nobody speaks of remarkable things”*, then no one will ever know they happened. Remarkable is whatever you think it is…it could be a thought, an idea, a place, a beautiful or disastrous moment, a film you saw and can’t get out of your mind, a coffee shop that makes great coffee…it could be anything.

We’re the poets and this is our piece of paper. We can use any technique available (words, pictures, numbers) and make our poem rhyme…or not. Some of the best poems never do.

*book by Jon McGregor, Read a review here:



Coffee places we’re going back to!

There’s a list of coffee places around London either independent or small chains (2-3 shops) with unique character and great coffee/food we decided we’re definitely visiting again! Enjoy!

The Workshop Coffee Co. Clerkenwell

Beautiful spot for Breakfast/Brunch with a variety of choices from healthy to not so healthy but really tasty, if you like the occasional sausage or corn fritter (we tried it and it’s delicious), accompanied by great coffee served by the friendly staff. It spreads over two floors, although when we visited, the upper floor was occupied by a private event, a pre bachelor brunch…what a fantastic idea! The atmosphere is really laid back and the always unavoidable queue is formed away from the tables near the entrance of the shop. Another exciting and rather unexpected trait is the great value for money menu, standing out from all those London places, where we love going but always feel we’re overpaying. It’s a good idea to make a reservation, although no reservations are accepted for brunch in the weekend, which is a bit frustrating, but then again, the waiting is totally worth it!

We hope you enjoy your visit at Workshop Coffee Co. in Clerknwell and if you do, leave us a comment.